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Learner Advocates at egghead

Welcome to the egghead learner advocate guide. This is a reference for learner advocates to help them put the interests of the learners first and collaborate with a community of practice.

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What is Learner Advocacy?

The learner advocates contributions helps the learner reach their potential. Ultimately, we hope advocates support our screencasts with learning aids. Everyone learns more because of your efforts, by participating in live workshops, creating and sharing resources to supplement the courses.

Why be a Learner Advocate?

Being a learner advocate will enhance your own learning. The most effective way to learn is to teach. The best time to teach is immediately after you just learned something. This is good practice and will lead to career opportunities. You become a member of a community of practice where you can learn and grow alongside your peers.

Helping others feels amazing!

What is a Learner Advocate?

Learner Advocates are people that "Learn In Public" and are compensated by egghead to attend and participate in workshops and taking notes on published courses.

In live remote workshops the learner advocate "breaks the ice" by asking the "dumb" questions to make everyone else comfortable to ask questions because others might have this question as well.

Why does egghead need learner advocates?

egghead wants to produce badass workshops that help people. It can be difficult to get active participants in workshops.

Paying people who are already learning in public, to attend and amplify the learning experience will help all learners achieve their desired outcomes.