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Learner Advocates Workshop Participation Guide

Learner Advocates are at the front lines in egghead livestreams events. They show up and actively participate. Lots of times people are afraid to ask questions they want to be looked at a certain way. You're the example to show other attendees it's ok to ask questions

Actively participate in some of these activities:

  • Ask the questions in the chat or on video
  • Take really good notes
  • Provide links to resources in the chat mentioned by instructor

Asking questions for everyone's benefit

In workshops some people are afraid to ask questions. Usually people are more comfortable asking questions when they see others doing so.

As a Learner Advocate you are there to make everyone else comfortable asking questions and learning from the material. Once everyone is asking good questions without fear of being judged it enhances everyone's experience!

It also helps the instructor as well, when they ask "Does anyone have any questions?" and no one says anything they aren't able to get feedback to improve the workshop.

Asking for clarification or what something means lets the instructor go back and refine the material and that benefits the learners who take the course afterwards.

Asking questions on video as to the personalization of the workshop. It's not mandatory but if you're comfortable go right ahead.

Taking Really Good Notes

Take notes as you can. These will usually be light and not ultra detailed. We are aware it can be difficult to take great notes live.

Notes for the live workshops will be put in a GitHub repo and be used for feedback for the instructor. Including questions from attendees, their answer would be great as well.

When an instructor mentions a blog post, podcast, conference talks, book, etc, that's useful to the workshop try to go out and find it and post the url in the chat. This way everyone that wants can reference the material and learn even more.

You can also post the link to the Github repo we might be working out of, or any links to tools that might need to be downloaded. This let's the other learners focus on learning and the instructors on instructing.

Ideally we would like to have 3 Learner Advocates per workshop and these duties can be split and not overwhelm you.