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egghead on Slack

Slack is where egghead communicates.

There’s a Slack channel for almost every element of egghead. Some channels are specific to instructors and lesson creation. Some are just for fun. All are meant to keep you connected to the egghead community and help you become the best instructor you can be.

If you ever need anything, #ask!

Your private instructor channel

Right when you get started on egghead, we’ll set up a private channel for you. Here, you can work with your coach and other top-tier instructors to nail egghead style and get your first lesson published. Feel free to ask any questions, brainstorm ideas for your first lessons and courses, and share drafts. We’re here to help.


This is the "water cooler" channel, where basically anything goes (within the general code of conduct, of course). Many egghead instructors are freelancers or work at home, so this gives us a place to socialize and talk about programming and industry stuff. It is noisy, so you might be compelled to mute this channel, but it’s always here when you need it.


Creating bite-sized code videos is an art form. This is where we discuss it. This channel is a great place to solicit feedback from other instructors and the wider egghead team about your latest lesson ideas, course proposals, and drafts. We've got an amazing group of experienced instructors who are happy to help you. It’s a great community, and you should lean on it whenever you need to.


This is where egghead’s publishing activity is announced by bots. When a lesson is uploaded, or a course/lesson is published, it’s automatically announced in this channel. Keep an eye on it from time to time to see what’s coming down the pike.


There are so many things to teach about in the world of web development. When we see something interesting or get a request, it gets dropped in here. If you can't think of anything to record a lesson about, ask in here with @joel . There’s always something to teach! 🙂


We've got other channels for specific topics like music & tv, fitness, functional programming, and podcasts. Surprise surprise, egghead instructors are passionate people.

Like most Slack groups, members are welcome to make public and private channels, DM with anyone, litter every channel with emoji and gifs, and even add integrations. Use your good judgment, and if you have any questions, please feel free to #ask.

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