Reviewer guide

Getting feedback on your video

Think of your 30-second video as a very rough draft. It won’t be perfect—and it shouldn’t be! It’s a gut check to see how we can help steer you toward egghead style.

Questions? Just #ask.

We’re here to help you. Before you record your video, use your private Slack channel to fire over any questions or works in progress, like:

  • Lesson ideas. We can help you brainstorm or fine-tune an idea you have. (Chances are, we’ll suggest you scale back the scope of your example. Your lesson should cover one topic and one topic only. No more, no less.)
  • Your lesson title and summary. These should be concise and hyper-focused. Before you write any code, make sure you’ve chiseled your lesson idea until it’s simple and able to be tackled in a short video.
  • A draft of your code example. Share it over screen sharing technology with your coach on Slack. Walk them through the steps it took to create the example, and think through any changes your coach suggests.

We’re all about supportive, ongoing feedback at egghead, so when you’re ready to press record, you’re really ready.

An illustration would work here too 🙂


Before you upload your video to your slack channel (if we’ve invited you to be an instructor), ask yourself:

  • Is my screen set to 1280x720 (720p)? (In HiDPI, if possible?)
  • Is my code example easy to understand?
  • Did I guide the viewer’s eyes with the mouse?
  • Did I use those 30 seconds to share useful insights?

We’ll use those questions to guide our feedback, which we’ll share with you over Slack.

After that, we may go through a few rounds of rerecording and feedback until we feel you’re ready to go off and record your first lesson.

Remember: We want you to succeed. We want you to absolutely crush it. Feedback—especially right when you start with egghead—will help you get there.

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