How to egghead

Getting paid

Yes! egghead instructors make money! You receive royalties for all the views your lessons and courses get.

How much you get paid can range from "lunch money" to "paying the bills!", and primarily varies with the quality and quantity of what you publish. Courses take the most effort, but they also make the most money. Even a single lesson can net you rewarding royalties for a long time; with a keyword-rich summary and title, a lesson can surface in search engine results years after it’s published.


The best way to make money is to produce interesting, useful content. Quantity is good, but quality is better. Good content sells itself.

We don't produce sponsored content or run ads on a regular basis. It’s all about eyeballs. 👀

How royalties work

Royalties are paid at the beginning of the month, and reflect how many 30-second segments viewers watched in the previous month. We use PayPal or direct deposit to distribute royalties.

The amount you’re paid depends on the overall gross subscription revenue, and how many 30-second segments were watched in total. We use this basic algorithm in Ruby:

egghead_monthly_revenue ( yoursegments / total_segments ) royaltypercent


When you start making one-off lessons, the royalties will be small. But stick with it, keep producing, and your monthly royalties could hit four figures. Cha-ching.

Make more money with courses

After you’ve made a few standalone lessons and gotten the hang of egghead, you’ll probably put on your entrepreneurial thinking cap. How can you leverage your new skills to make the cash flow?

Courses are the bread and butter of Developers looking to learn want curated chunks of information, and we’ve found that they’re willing to pay for it. Grouped lessons are more likely to be found and watched than one-off lessons, making their royalties far greater than those of standalone lessons.

You won’t be crafting courses right out of the gate, but stick with it. The payoff is worth it.

Keeping it up

Ongoing income is the best. But it takes ongoing work.

Many people create a lesson or two, then stop. There are a variety of reasons people stop making lessons:

  • Way too freaking busy!
  • It just isn't for me.
  • It's hard AF.
  • I can't think of what to record.
  • The money’s not coming fast enough.

One of our primary motivations for creating egghead was to help smart humans get reliable recurring income by sharing their knowledge. This kind of income can change how you think of employment. If you're making \$1,000 a month from some content you made a year ago, what can that do for you? That's rent! (Unless you live in the Bay Area or NYC—sorry!) egghead royalties could be the difference between staying in a high-paying gig you hate and taking a position you truly love with an organization that can't afford talent of your caliber. How great would that be?


Hopefully you’re already in that position, but if not, we want to help you get there. We're totally obsessed, and will do everything we can to support and amplify our instructors. We're in this to have a job that we love, work with amazing, diverse people across the globe, and help people improve their lives by learning how to develop software.

If you want to create a sustainable passive income stream by creating useful learning content for fellow developers, stick with us. We’ll make it happen for you.