How to egghead

How to instruct

How to instruct

You’ve nailed your title, summary, and code example. Now it’s time to figure out what you’re going to say.

The “instructor” title can feel daunting. Don’t let it! If you’ve ever shown someone how to do something, you’re an experienced instructor.

Speak to support the code

In your lesson, you should show first (with your code) then maybe explain (with your voice). Your narration is quite simply the explanation of the changes you’re making to your code as you take it from its start state to its finished state.

You won’t be asking questions that teachers typically do, like “What themes can we draw from this?” You will simply relay information, explain how and why you did what, and let the learners soak it in. Keep it simple and focused on the code.

Write a script or outline

Your narration should sound casual but informed, like you’re showing something to a coworker. Some instructors find it helpful to write out a script beforehand so they’re never in doubt of what to say. It’s a great way to cut the “umm”s and “uhh”s and make your explanation as tight as possible.

If you’d rather sound more conversational, less scripted, write out an outline. We’re talking bullet points—the keywords you want to say, the points you want to hit. This approach may require you to edit a few seconds of dead air here and there, but the published narration will sound polished.

Do a dress rehearsal

Have you ever conducted a workshop? Talked at a conference? Presented to your sixth grade class? You know how essential it is to practice your talk before showtime.

Same with egghead lessons. Before you hit record, explain your code example to yourself. Out loud. Enunciate! Be confident! Believe you’re the most qualified instructor in the history of egghead!

You’ll probably trip over your words. You might realize you know how to do something but not how to articulate it. That’s okay—write notes to yourself and put your knowledge into words.

When it’s time to record, you’ll be more than ready.