How to egghead

Instructor Feedback Cycles

It can be intimidating to see the polished lessons of fellow instructors on and get that feeling in your stomach like maybeeeeeee this isn’t going to go so well. We get it. We’ve all been there (we promise!).

To help make you become more comfortable with the idea of recording your very first lesson, we’ve compiled a few Lesson Feedback Cycles, taking an instructor from their first take to their final lesson, showing you where each instructor began with their lesson, and how they took in feedback from their coaches to create that final product we are proud to publish on!

We’ll be sharing resources as well as each lesson’s first take, second take, and sometimes even third take, as the instructors fine-tune their lessons to match the “egghead Style” for clarity and conciseness.

Each feedback cycle page features multiple feedback cycles for different types of feedback from coaches so you can avoid some common points of feedback. Many of the feedback cycle themes have multiple feedback examples to help you fine-tune your first lesson!