How to egghead

Getting paid for your work as an egghead instructor

egghead instructors are paid royalties for their work. When an egghead member watches a lesson its instructor gets paid. Instructors are paid for free community lessons as well as premium members only lessons.

The algorithm is relatively simple and was originally inspired by Spotify.

How royalties work in detail

Royalties are paid at the beginning of the month, and reflect how many 30-second segments viewers watched in the previous month. We use PayPal or direct deposit to distribute royalties.

The amount you’re paid depends on the overall gross subscription revenue, and how many 30-second segments were watched in total. We use this basic algorithm in Ruby:

egghead_monthly_revenue  * ( your_segments / total_segments ) * royalty_percent


Royalties are pooled, so the more egghead members that watch your lessons, the more your monthly royalty check will be. This means that having a catalog of many useful lessons is the best way to increase your royalty checks!

We only send a check if your monthly royalties are above $100, otherwise we will keep track and send you a check when they reach $100.

Additionally egghead instructors are paid for live workshops and independent product launches in collaboration with egghead.

The egghead Contributor Agreement outlines the respectful, easygoing, rewarding relationships we like to establish with our instructors, as well as the legalease pertaining to your royalty and content! Go ahead and check it out!