How to egghead

What if a topic already exists?

Do you have a great lesson idea, but someone else got to it first? Make that lesson anyway.

Boy, sure has too many lessons on the fundamentals of React!

This was said by nobody, ever. We firmly believe that hard topics need the fundamentals covered by good examples. A lot of them. It helps people learn!

Learning in layers

At egghead, we want to cover concepts in layers. We want to tuck our members in under cotton, wool, and down and help them fully and completely understand complex concepts one bite-sized lesson at a time.

Having one “expert” rule a concept only gives learners a one-sided, one-dimensional understanding of it. Imagine if only one songwriter in the history of music had written a love song, and all the other songwriters had said, “Oh, that concept has been covered before.” We’d be robbed of so many musical love stories, and the essential soundtrack to our own.

So what’s your take on the concept? It’s an essential layer. Add it to the mix.

Diversity on both sides of learning

One of the things that makes egghead different from other learn-to-code services is how much we prioritize our instructors’ diversity. Our instructors live on six continents—Antarctica, you’re next!—and they all have different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches to coding. That’s awesome!

Our instructors’ diversity also reflects the learners who watch our lessons. One instructor’s way of explaining a concept might not break through to someone, but another instructor’s might. It’s all about the code example you create, your unique turns of phrase, the you that you bring to it.

Beginners are experts, too!

Even if you’re relatively new to a concept, your perspective is important. There’s no replacing the beginner’s mindset—when concepts are new and exciting, when you see them with fresh eyes and clarity.

So even if someone more “experienced” has made a lesson about that concept, make your lesson anyway. Other beginners might learn better from you than the seasoned veteran.