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Why teach on egghead?

We get it. The last thing you need is another commitment. (You probably see the word “commit” in your sleep.) Good news: egghead instructors have zero obligations. It starts as a lowkey side hustle that can seriously pay off.

You get paid

egghead instructors get paid every time a paying egghead member watches one of your published lessons. More accurately, we pay you monthly based on your views for the preceding month.


The more content you publish, the more money you’re likely to make. More on payment.

You’re an expert

You heard us! You’re an expert. egghead instructors aren’t necessarily senior developers or technology directors (though some are). They’re just people who love learning, sharing, and writing code. You’re an expert when you share knowledge other people are looking for. So share it!

Cement your knowledge

Explaining something helps you understand it better. If you’re learning a new skill or framework, there’s no better way to nail it than to record yourself talking about it (and re-record and edit until the holes in your logic disappear). Pop quiz yourself and make some money while you’re at it.

Make career moves

egghead instructor looks 💅 on a resume. Published lessons are portfolio gold. egghead gives you a platform—and all you need to do is give your knowledge a voice. We’ll amplify it for you.

Get access for life

Here’s a serious perk: Every egghead instructor gets a lifetime membership to with access to all of our premium lessons and courses. That’s a lot of learning to do, with lots more to come.

Work with good people

You should always do your due diligence before partnering with any organization. But we give you our word: egghead is a low-key company whose sole focus is making web developers better at what they do.

Most of us at egghead HQ are developers too, so we know how busy you are. We’ll support you, we won’t give you deadlines (seriously—you produce content only when you want to), and we’ll pay you fairly and quickly.

egghead is the company we always wanted to work with, so we created it for ourselves and for all the smart, badass developers out there.