How to egghead

egghead workshop production

note: this is a draft document and this process is currently under development.

An egghead workshop combines lecture, demonstration, and exercises. They are delivered first live via remote screen sharing sessions and finally as a well-edited set of recorded videos.

Learners attending workshops expect to leave with newly acquired knowledge and skills as well as a bit of practical experience.

egghead workshops are crafted over multiple stages:

  1. egghead works with you to refine the scope and structure of your workshop based on the topic you want to teach.
  2. you will develop the examples/demo based on the topic and planning.
  3. A live workshop is held for the general public that pay to attend.
  4. The final “egghead style” videos are recorded.

The Paid Live Workshop

The paid workshop is your refined material presented with exercises. Your content development expert from egghead will attend the workshop as well as additional teacher’s assistants as required/requested. The paid workshop will give attendees the opportunity to do exercises, watch demos, and see the solutions to exercises live while asking questions if needed.

The workshop is intended to refine and iterate on the recorded video lessons that will be published on

  • Does your lesson progression make sense?
  • Should this be multiple workshops?

This is the feedback we are hoping to receive and understand.

You always have the option to repeat both of these sessions as many times as you’d like or need to.

Workshop Scope and Delivery

You will be teaching your content developed collaboratively with egghead.

An egghead workshop is typically around 4 hours of content. Occasionally a workshop might require multiple sessions.

The length of the workshop depends on the lecture content and scope of the learner exercises that are requested.

The workshops are remote only and delivered via Zoom. Kent C. Dodds recorded this great video about how he uses Zoom.

A teacher’s assistant will be provided by egghead if you need one!

The workshop can accommodate 10-50 attendees.

Multiple workshop sessions are valuable practice that will ensure that the final recorded and edited workshop will be very high quality and effective learning material.

The paid workshop step will earn some money, but also presents the best opportunity to get genuine feedback. Folks pay to attend. This gives them more authority to give honest responses.

The live workshop sessions make excellent recorded content that can be bundled and sold as an upgrade to the final product. The exercises and other supplemental material provide a similar benefit.

Selling Tickets

The ticket price for a workshop is $199 for a 2 hour workshop. Typically longer workshops will cost more and it will be variable depending on the subject matter and general interest. We want to sell tickets, and pricing is a big part of that.

Generally there will also be discount codes available. A deep “loyalty discount”. A totally free price point for coworkers or scholarships. An early bird discount is also typical.

egghead uses to sell tickets and coordinates the event using a calendar event with attendees invited.

Workshop Day Logistics

To get ready for the workshop egghead will help you organize a CodeSandbox (etc) and the GitHub repository with a well crafted Readme that instructs attendees on how to setup and prepare for the workshop. Example code will be supplied as well as exercise code the attendees will work from. Solutions to the exercises are typically provided as well as unit (or other) tests where appropriate.

We will meet beforehand to make sure everything works well and screens are setup appropriately.

During the workshop you will be the primary speaker.

Attendees can be invited to speak. Zoom has solid tools for facilitating conversation, questions, and participation.