Reviewer guide

Record and upload your lesson

Now that you know how to be concise, narrate your lesson, and show your work, it’s time to record for real.

Recording your screencast

We’ve put together an entire Technical Guide to help you record your screencasts. Find out how to:

Okay, that handles the specifics of recording. But the word record is so...official. What if you mess up?

  • Make mistakes! Your video isn't a live presentation. Mistakes and restarts are fine. Sometimes you need to cough, kids run through, a train rolls by. Edit it out later.

  • Stumbling? Rambling? Pause and think it through. Pauses are SO easy to edit out.
  • Slow down. Newbie instructors tend to rush through their lessons. Be slow and deliberate so learners can follow what you’re saying. Slowing down also helps your mouse keep up with your voice.

If you want a second pair of eyes before uploading your lesson, reach out to your coach on Slack. Or go ahead and upload, and you’ll get feedback after that. Remember, we’re here to support you and help you succeed!

Upload your lesson

When your draft is complete, upload it to When you upload any lesson video, it’s automatically processed to make sure its audio is in stereo, the resolution is as expected, and that it’s uploaded to the appropriate storage channels.

You’ll almost certainly get feedback, ❗which isn’t the same as criticism❗ . Your coach knows exactly what we’re looking for and how to tweak lessons to get there. As you go through the editing process, ask your coach to screen share with you so you can get some guidance for the first pass. This can save you hours of trying to figure things out on your own! 🙂

Feedback in hand, you’ll be able to edit and update your video. When your coach gives you a thumbs up, you can update your lesson video for final review and publication.

Sometimes this can take a few minutes. If an hour goes by and your lesson video still isn’t visible, let us know!

Lesson review and approval

Once you complete all the above steps, your lesson will be reviewed for approval. Reviewing means an experienced egghead instructor—someone other than your coach—will watch your lesson and provide feedback. It’s not uncommon that your lesson will require a couple of updates. Just record the required changes and replace the lesson’s video on egghead.

Then we publish! 🍾

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