How to egghead

Publishing your first full length lesson

Taking the first step is the hardest, but now you are on your way. Creating your first 30-second demo is a challenge and a huge milestone.

Now it's time to record and publish your first full length lesson.

We highly recommend jumping right into your first lesson as soon as possible to keep the momentum going.

From now on feel free to upload your new lesson videos directly to egghead.

When you've uploaded a new lesson, let your coaches know in your Slack channel or send an email. Whatever works best for you.

If you're struggling to find something to teach, we can help you! You are not alone, and we are happy to help.

Creating screencasts is a learned skill that requires practice. With each lesson you create, you should notice that it gets a little easier. If you're feeling stuck or frustrated, your coaches will help. This is hard to do, especially when you are just getting started and you have access to all the support we can offer.

We are here to help you shine. 🙌

For now, we want to focus on publishing single one-off lessons, but once you've published a handful of those, we can start to discuss your first workshop.

After you've published 12 lessons, you'll gain the ability to self approve/publish your own lessons. This is a big step, and by that point, you will feel comfortable and confident, but we are here to help no matter how many lessons you've published.

When you're at this point, you might have a few lessons that cover the same topic. Consider creating an egghead Collection so learners can watch through all the content in one place.