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egghead instructor guide

Welcome to the egghead instructor guide. This is a reference for egghead instructors to help them plan and execute screencasts to be published on and elsewhere.

We've put together several instructor case studies if you'd like to meet a few instructors and hear more about their stories.

Learn about egghead

egghead is an invite only platform. This guide assumes you've been invited and are an active egghead instructor. If that's not the case, please feel free to use this guide as a resource for creating badass screencasts on your own. We believe that nobody needs permission to share what they know and teach others online.

Screencasting is hard.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating high-quality learning materials.

Screencasting takes considerable effort. It's a learned skill that is particularly difficult if you are just learning how to do it.

Recording yourself coding while explaining it is a completely different skill tree than programming computers. Often this surprises to folks when they first dip their toes into creating egghead lessons.

We are here to help! You aren't alone.

As an egghead instructor you will receive coaching and world-class support to help you go from newbie to badass as quickly as possible.

We've helped over 150 developers create and publish over 4000 screencast lessons. 😳

And we're here to help you too. Click here if you're ready to get started.

Why be an instructor?

Teaching others and sharing knowledge is good for your own career.

If you're working for companies or working for yourself, your proven ability to share knowledge is a skill that you will be able to tap for the rest of your life.

As a published egghead instructor, you will be able to demonstrate both your ability to communicate as well as your knowledge and understanding of what it is you are teaching.

egghead instructors time and time again have benefited with new opportunities in their professional careers including conference talks, consulting gigs, and positions at the best companies.

We are here to help you create badass content that shows the world your knowledge and expertise, while helping other developers learn the skills and concepts they need to level up their own careers.

Check out these instructor case studies if you'd like to learn more:

No risk, minimum commitment

egghead content instructors aren't burdened with deadlines. There's no contractual obligation to produce content.

And for what you do create with us, you own the rights to all the content. It's yours.

Tyler McGinninis and Kent C. Dodds have both gone from publishing workshops on egghead to launching their own products and projects independently.

At every step of the way we've been there to help and encourage them as much as possible.

Work with good people

egghead's sole focus is making web developers badass at what they do.

We are developers too and know how busy you are.

We’ll support you, we won’t give you deadlines (seriously—you produce content only when you want to), and we’ll pay you fairly and quickly for your work.

egghead is the company we always wanted to work with, so we built it for ourselves and for all the smart, badass developers out there like you.

Your personal content creation coach

Your success as an instructor is the #1 priority at egghead—and we know success doesn’t come without support. You’ll need some guidance to create the world-class screencasts our members expect. That’s why we pair you with the egghead coaching team right when you start.

Your coaches will help you nail egghead style through ongoing support, feedback, and brainstorming. Got questions? #ask! Big stuff, little stuff, rough drafts, fire away.


Your coaches are there to:

  • Brainstorm lesson ideas
  • Solidify the theme, scope, and goals of a code example
  • Get a second pair of eyes before uploading screencasts
  • Talk through feedback
  • Get answers on administrative stuff like contracts, equipment, etc.

Even after you’ve published a few lessons, your coach is available whenever you need them.

Part of your coaching team are egghead's founders John Lindquist and Joel Hooks.

John and Joel are 100% dedicated to you and the rest of the egghead instructors. We are looking forward to hearing from you in email, Slack, and Zoom.

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